Update February 4, 2021

  1. Add one-click guard function to automatically hire guards for all buildings which will be attacked by government forces next week.
  2. The speed analysis now shows the effect on the skill cool down.
  3. Haroun now automatically resets attribute points after choosing the initial job.
  4. The tactics Mysterious Doctor is changed to choose the target with the lowest health percentage.
  5. Optimize the character voices during the release of Healing and Ultimate Kills.
  6. Fix the bug where enemy could not be captured after the battle was triggered in the Army Camp.
  7. Fix the bug that the system kept prompting the team is too low after the danger level exceeded 10.
  8. Fix the bug that the recipe may display the wrong proficiency percentage.
  9. Fix the bug that the team special effect information display was not refreshed in time.
  10. Fix the bug that mushrooms were blocked by buildings.
  11. Fix the bug that the truck could not be repaired if the durability is not full.