Update April 29, 2021

  1. Introducing partial fill: now you can fill a player trade partially (from 0.1% - 99.9%)!
  2. Trade quota has been changed to 0.1% of your market cap and it resets every 2 hours together with the market.
  3. Trade time limit has been reduced to 5 seconds (expansion owner) and 10 seconds (others).
  4. Swiss shop now shows your Cash In Swiss money amount in more digits if you have more than 1000.
  5. Fix a bug where player trade filter is broken.
  6. Fix a bug where statistics bureau did not count auto sell correctly.
  7. Now if you are auto selling a resource, factories won’t be able to pull that resource from Trade Center. And you cannot use the amount in Trade Center for Research/Wholesale/Player Trade.
  8. Add Portuguese chat channel.