Update April 4, 2021

  1. Statistics Bureau has been completely redesigned.
  2. Offline Earning calculation has been revamped - now it should better reflect your progression.
  3. New Building: Chromium Alloy Plant.
  4. New Building: Titanium Alloy Plant.
  5. New Policy: Chroiron - chromium alloy plants do not use Lithium but use 2x Iron instead. Now you should be able to build space station without expansion pack.
  6. The game can be run without internet connection (offline earning will not be generated). Web version still requires internet (duh).
  7. Improve Swiss Shop UI.
  8. Improve Logistics Center UI - now it will show a warning badge if your fuel consumption exceeds production.
  9. Add hotkey [4] for shut down/turn on production.
  10. You can now shut down mines/oil wells/natural gas pumps now.
  11. Sell building’s hotkey has been changed from [Backspace] to [0].
  12. Bugfix: Slow down to save up policy should now work correctly (expansion pack 1).