Update June 6, 2021

  1. Introducing crowdfunding: you can now pledge your support in crowdfunding (which can be found in Wholesale Center). If enough players have pledged support, all of participants will get rewards! Each crowdfunding lasts 3 days and a new one will be added when the current one ends.
  2. New building: Software Compiler (Expansion Pack 1).
  3. New building: Search Engine Company (Expansion Pack 1).
  4. New building: Battleship Factory (Expansion Pack 1).
  5. New building: NavyCommand (Expansion Pack 1).
  6. Shipyard no longer requires Expansion Pack 1.
  7. Power statistics now show the power required to have all buildings up and running - and power surplus will go to negative.
  8. If you choose to fix the panel position to left or right, the panel will dock to that side, allowing you to move the map to that edge.
  9. Resource Explorers can be boosted if you turn on Resource Explorer 2.0 and Supply Chain Booster (you need an adjacent mine of the same type).
  10. Fix a bug where buildings that are boosted by Resource Boosters did not increase power usage.
  11. Resource Boosters’ power usage no longer scales with the number of boosters built.
  12. New Policy: Earth Is Flat - All tile modifiers are zero. This policy will deactivate Nature’s Power and Tile Modifier Plus policies.
  13. Policy Change: Wholesale Partner - Wholesale center orders only contain resources that are from the top-half of your most-advanced researched products (which has to satisfy the minimum resources requirement).
  14. Balance: Wholesale center orders will now evenly contain resources of different tiers and the volume will be based on your actual production capacity.
  15. Rotterdam’s bonus changed to: Earth Is Flat policy is free.
  16. QoL: You can now sort by name in Trade Center.
  17. New resource movement options: always show, on highlight (show dots and lines when highlighted), line only (show line only when highlighted) and always hide.
  18. Add Japanese and Korean chat channel.
  19. Add Japanese translation, update Chinese/Korean/Russian/German translation - thanks to all the community translators.