Update April 5, 2021

  1. Introducing tile modifier: each tile will impact building’s capacity (-25% ~ +25%). You can see the modifier when you build a building (next to the name) and see a building’s info.
  2. New Policy: Nature’s Power - doubles the tile modifier’s effect (expansion pack 1).
  3. New Building: Dogecoin Farm (Dogecoin), Operating System Inc (Operating System), Linux Distribution (Operating System, expansion pack 1), Web Browser (Internet).
  4. Trade Center will show the price of a resource as soon as you’ve unlocked its production in research lab.
  5. Trade Center will no longer show the price of a resource if you cannot produce it.
  6. Now you can apply a building’s setting to all buildings of the same type.
  7. Bugfix: Wholesale center will not generate orders that you cannot produce.
  8. Balance: Bitcoin requires 5 integrated circuits as input.
  9. Balance: Cities with only oil deposits have oil refineries unlocked by default.
  10. Balance: Knowledge through Steel policy cost has been reduced by half.
  11. Bugfix: Fuel Cost Discount now works correctly.

Update #2

  1. New Policy: Tile Modifier Plus - Tile modifiers only affect output instead of both input and output.
  2. New Policy: Wholesale Partners - Wholesale center orders only contain resources that are currently being produced (you also need to be producing the number of required resources to unlock wholesale center).