Update October 22, 2021

  1. The most common bug I’m still hearing is corrupted save files caused by crashes, power outages, etc. while the game is saving. Now, a backup file will be created every time the game is saved. And you’ll also be given a message if you load the game with a corrupted save instead of just a broken Start screen.
  2. I also heard from people who use a virtual keyboard to play games due to a disability or for other reasons. The way the game locked the cursor within the window was preventing them from using their virtual keyboard. There isn’t a proper option yet, but if you press Ctrl+Shift+U you can unlock the cursor from the window.
  3. Fixed a rare soft-lock caused by encountering The Mycologists with only talking cards.
  4. Fix for a visual bug after defeating G0lly in Part 3 - her boss battle effects did not disappear after the battle.
  5. Other small issues fixed.