Update January 9, 2022

  1. Fixed a bug in a mini-game in Kawaii.
  2. Alarm volume lowered.
  3. Fixed collision issue with Camel prime.
  4. Fixed the issue of selling bags to the seller for a higher price.
  5. Fixed inventory locking issue when delivering food to customers.
  6. The position of the jug is now reset from the option menu.
  7. Fixed some translation errors.
  8. Miner revenues were rearranged. It’s more profitable now.
  9. Crack operations are now easier.
  10. Fruit slot bonus game spin count has been reduced.
  11. Fixed a bug that prevents customers from entering the cafe in some cases.
  12. Warcry money bug fixed.
  13. I worked on some people’s save file corruption issue. New saved will no longer be deleted.