Update October 11, 2021

  1. Added a missing HSR-EMP world sprite.
  2. Added the ability to control whether a piece of dialogue will be played once when using a mobile dialogue trigger.
  3. Portuguese-brasil localization update.
  4. Russian localization tweaks.
  5. The description during the pause menu will now display the objective set in the map editor’s objective start text.
  6. Various minor map editor UI tweaks.
  7. Fixed incorrect track text display at times.
  8. Fixed a crash caused by security_monitor class objects in the map editor.
  9. Fixed the HSR-EMP having an "unload weapon" action listed.
  10. Fixed ’degenerate’ being part of the goon animation variations list.

Update #2

  1. Added the ability to specify which portrait should be used for the player.
  2. Dialogues without a valid portrait entered will now defer to the portrait that is specified for the player; if none is specified will fallback to the default Steve portrait.
  3. Dialogue speaker registration functionality changed to properly support localized text.
  4. Improved "object click linker"/"click-to-add" mode to be easier to understand.
  5. More map editor UI tweaks.
  6. Fixed the throwing knife, when dropped on the floor, using the sprite of a flashbang, instead of the knife itself.