Update November 18, 2021

  1. Added controller support.
  2. Added tactical reloads:
  3. A faster type of reload which results in the non-empty magazine being dropped to the ground.
  4. Enabled by activating one of the control schemes in the "Allow tactical reloads?" dropdown box in the options menu.
  5. Three types of tactical reload control schemes: regular (press to tac-reload), inverse (hold to tac-reload), double-tap.
  6. Player weapon handling balancing:
  7. AK-103, AK-107, Saiga-12K non-empty reload time increased to 1.9 seconds (was 1.7 seconds).
  8. MP5 empty mag, chamber ready reload time decreased to 1.3 seconds (was 1.6 seconds).
  9. Mini-uzi non-empty reload time increased to 1.9 seconds (was 1.6 seconds).
  10. Weapon spread increase from firing decreased by 20% for the player.
  11. Improved and optimized shadow filtering:
  12. Settings above "Rough" now produce a much better result, including penumbra simulation, for very smooth shadow fall-off near the edges of a light caster.
  13. "Normal" quality now produces a visual result on par with, or better than, the previous "Soft" setting while using up to 20% less GPU power than the previous "Normal" setting.
  14. "Soft" quality now produces a visual result far better than previously, while using up to 10% less GPU power.
  15. A new shadow filtering quality setting - "Ultra" - has been added, it increases the penumbra quality, at the expense of increased GPU usage.
  16. Added custom, adjustable difficulties:
  17. Players can adjust damage rates, armor degrade speed, savefile counts, and many other things.
  18. It also adds the ability to randomize the weapons and experience levels of enemies on the levels, allowing for gunfights that play out completely differently on any given level!
  19. Retroactive change of difficulty on in-progress playthroughs is not possible, you’ll need to start a new playthrough with a custom difficulty if you wish to play through the game with your personal difficulty mode.
  20. Added a UI element hint when choking an enemy, to keep holding down the choke key to grab the body upon finishing the choke.
  21. Unconscious/dead bodies are now a little bit darker, so that they blend in more with the background, to make it easier for the player to see whether there is someone still alive in a place with a lot of dead bodies.
  22. ’Easy’ and ’Normal’ difficulties now increase the protection provided by armor by 40% and 20%, respectively.
  23. When picking up ammo, the ammo pick up element will now fill up to display how close you are to carrying the maximum amount of ammo for that ammo type.
  24. When taking damage in ’Masochist’ difficulty, and in any custom difficulty that has insta-death enabled, the ’hurt’ effect will now show even if the player survived the attack due to body armor.
  25. When armor vests break, a distinct sound will now be played to communicate to the player that something has just happened.
  26. Using a bandage now plays a sound effect.
  27. The "unload nearby weapons" action will now ignore objects the ammo of which the player is full of, preventing a bug which caused the player to not unload nearby weapons of a different caliber, if the system decided to pick a weapon loaded with a caliber that the player has maxed out ammo in their inventory.
  28. In the New Game+ menu the unlocked weapon list is now sorted by alphabet, in order to be easier to read and spot differences.
  29. Clicking any button but the "skip cutscene button" will now show the "hold [key] to skip cutscene" UI prompt during a cutscene.
  30. Limiting the amount of times a "hit" sound can be played on the player to 3 sounds max., to prevent them from overpowering the newly-added "armor break" sound.
  31. Russian and turkish localization tweaks.
  32. Various minor UI tweaks.
  33. Fixed some events causing the player to update their movement speed while moving, resulting in cases where the player would suddenly stop firing while running at top speed.
  34. Fixed the custom level campaign unlocking the ’Gun Nut’ achievement (should be reserved only for the main campaign).
  35. Fixed being able to infinitely duplicate empty mags, by unloading a weapon and reloading it in the right conditions.
  36. Fixed opening the campaign level list deselecting the campaign.
  37. Fixed the game unlimiting FPS when the monitor’s refresh rate exceeded 165hz and the player entered the options menu, with a previously set framerate cap of greater than 165 FPS.
  38. Fixed opening the level list resetting the difficulty back to "normal" once closing it, even if it was set to any other difficulty.
  39. (MAP EDITOR) fixed a crash related to vent shafts when exiting the map editor.
  40. (MAP EDITOR) fixed a crash caused by having a scene with 0 parts.

Update #2

  1. Fixed 2 crashes that occured in the map editor.

Update #3

  1. Can now use a mouse to aim in conjunction with moving on a controller, as per suggestion by the community members.
  2. Using the mouse does not switch from joystick to keyboard mode anymore.
  3. Fixed the HUD key prompts not correctly updating the command key when switching from joystick to keyboard input following a specific pattern.
  4. Fixed the controller camera input being processed twice per frame, resulting in camera stick movements being twice as sensitive.