Update July 30, 2021

  1. When exiting a cutscene where the player equipped a cutscene-specific weapon, the game will now switch back to the pre-cutscene weapon the player was using, instead of to the first available weapon.
  2. Fixed the "Master Baiter" and "Good Vocals" achievements being incorrectly swapped by accident.
  3. Fixed being unable to finish a level on extraction zones while holding a bottle.
  4. Fixed being able to infinitely create empty mags by starting a reload with a loaded weapon & empty magazine, and cancelling the reload after the empty magazine has been created by vaulting over an object.
  5. Fixed goons sometimes seeing lights being turned off through doors.
  6. Fixed the object throwing UI element being visible in various menus when it shouldn’t be.
  7. Fixed the object throwing UI element not being re-created after changing the resolution while holding a throwable bottle.

Update #2

  1. Fixed Epilogue level results not being saved.
  2. Fixed finishing the campaign by loading a level (not by playing through the campaign) not unlocking the weapon(s) found in the Epilogue.
  3. Fixed breaking a glass window with your bare hands killing you instantly on the Masochist difficulty.

Update #3

  1. Fixed a crash on the Drug Mob Casino level involving the casino boss.

Update #4

  1. Slightly decreased enemy accuracy across all weapons.
  2. Fixed goons being more accurate on the move than the player, and having inversed accuracy loss from movement speed when it comes to their experience levels.