Update January 12, 2022

  1. Can now upload levels to Steam Workshop directly from the level editor:
  2. Players can also use this functionality to export levels in a mod-ready format (for placing into the game’s ’mods’ folder, which loads local mods), to distribute the mod outside of Steam workshop.
  3. Added new controls to the level settings menu:
  4. Checkbox for preventing achievement unlocks on level.
  5. Checkbox for showing result screen when finishing the level.
  6. Checkbox for the noise background shader.
  7. Increased maximum mod title possible to enter in the game to 129 symbols (was 40), as per Steam documentations.
  8. When creating a new map, it will no longer be named "testmap", but instead will derive it’s name from the amount of levels in the maps folder + 1.
  9. Can now paste text into textboxes (useful for pasting into the level description boxes!).
  10. Updated LOVE to the latest 11.4 revision (release version, previously the game was using an unreleased in-development version).
  11. Fixed one of the dialogue sections using an incorrect character name tag on Shopkeeper’s Mansion.