Update August 2, 2021

  1. Fixed accidental enemy friendly fire kills not being counted towards the "Unrelenting Anger" achievement, resulting in being unable to unlock the achievement if so much as 1 NPC was killed by friendly fire from another NPC (this will, unfortunately, require a full playthrough... as the kill count was being incorrectly saved, and so a single friendly fire death cancels out the achievement. I am really sorry for this inconvenience).
  2. When throwing the last throwable/dropping a weapon, the player will now switch to the last weapon used, as opposed to the first weapon available in the inventory.
  3. Crashlogs will now be saved to timestamped files located in C:/Users/<username/AppData/Roaming/intravenous/crashes/.
  4. Fixed being able to do a back-attack right after throwing some kind of throwable (grenade/knife/empty mag).
  5. Fixed 1 spot where the player could get stuck in Drug Mob Casino.
  6. Fixed a crash related to vent shafts, improved enemy vent staring logic.
  7. Fixed being able to infinitely get savefiles by exploiting a certain game mechanic.
  8. Fixed the game saving unnecessary playthrough data.