Update February 5, 2021

  1. Added new Limited Store Items (Available for 1 Week).
  2. Added 3 new KPD Officers.
  3. Added new Free Spin.
  4. Weapon Damage can now Be Negative.
  5. AI now Attack eachother if opposing teams.
  6. Added Model Direction setting to AI in Editor.
  7. AI movement is now smoother.
  8. Cleaned up Player Settings Section in Editor with Categories.
  9. Increased Player Menu width to fit longer names.
  10. Added Ability to Delete Assets from My Assets Section in Editor.
  11. Updated Character Animation Template.
  12. Comp Servers now use Fixed Movement and 0.97 Slide Speed.
  13. Updated Brick Texture Slightly.
  14. Slightly Changed Editor Dropdown UI for better visibility.
  15. Separated AI Attack Behaviour into 2 Sections: Melee & Shooting.
  16. Added Melee Damage Setting to AI in Editor.
  17. Added Melee Range Setting to AI in Editor.
  18. Added Anim Speed Option to custom Player Model.
  19. Added "Shoot to Camera" Player Setting to Editor (Shoots at Camera Direction).
  20. Updated Tutorials & Tips List Layout in Editor.
  21. Fixed AI Nametag Y Position.
  22. Increased AI View Distance.
  23. Fixed AI not rotating when Hitting Player.
  24. Fixed KR Fee displaying incorrectly on Hub.
  25. Texture Assets no longer show in the Quick-Add Menu.
  26. AI now Dies when going below Death Y.
  27. AI Projectiles can now hit other AI.
  28. Can now see other players Jump & Melee Animations.
  29. Added ability to adjust Player Hitbox Size in Editor.
  30. Can now Set Multiple Teams in Editor.
  31. Added Closed Option to Ramps: Affects Visuals only for now.
  32. Fixed issue with importing Custom Reticles & Scopes.
  33. Updated Host Preset Saving & Loading.