Update v0.7.9e



  1. Dark Nexus now causes you to gain 7 mana every 3 seconds (from reducing channel cost by 2).
  2. Zweihander Reichweite increases area by 50% (from 35%) and requires 2 points in Reckless Combatant (from 3).
  3. Reckless Combatant now increases melee damage while spinning rather than Warpath Hit damage.
  4. Nodes that previously had the condition "while not using a shield" now have the condition "while using a two handed weapon".

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug preventing the Frost Clan chief from spawning in Wengari Battleground.
  2. Fixed a bug causing spontaneous mechanics- and UI-based errors on macOS.
  3. Fixed a regression affecting the game’s ability to recover data after a crash.
  4. Fixed a bug where portalling out of Echo of a World and then returning would always display the Fall of the Outcasts timeline, rather than the timeline you were last in.
  5. Fixed a bug where respawning in Echo of a World could cause the Fall of the Outcasts timeline to be displayed, rather than the timeline you were last in.
  6. Fixed a bug where more monolith modifiers were removed than intended when losing progress at a medium to high amount of Echoes Conquered.
  7. You can no longer use town portals to return to Echoes in the Monolith of Fate.
  8. Fixed a bug where progress was not saved to the Ladder unless you levelled up or completed a wave in the Arena with the Ladder open in-game.
  9. Fixed a bug where the overlay map would be returned to default settings when reloading the game. Opening the settings panel returned it to how you set it.
  10. Fixed a bug where item tooltips could flicker on and off in some situations.
  11. Fixed cases of effects on the ground (e.g. cracks or moss) projecting onto characters.
  12. Fixed a bug where using Shield Rush without a shield used the wrong animation.
  13. Fixed a cause of placeholder text being displayed when Monolith modifiers are removed.