Update v0.7.9f

Monolith of Fate

  1. You now lose fewer Echoes Conquered after dying or leaving an Echo early.
  2. All quest echoes now scale to a maximum of at least a 40% chance to encounter. Later quest echos still take longer to encounter on average.


Assemble Abomination

  1. Now somewhat more likely to be targeted by enemies.


  1. Increased base damage by 17%.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug where the loading screen after creating a new character would not disappear if you had no saved characters.
  2. Fixed a bug where many zones would drop items with much lower affix values than intended. This was most noticeable in the Monolith of Fate’s Ending the Storm timeline.
  3. Fixed the transition between the End of Time and Monolith of Fate being difficult to click on.
  4. Fixed a bug where enemy damage and health in the Arena scaled up much faster than intended.
  5. Fixed an oversight causing Formosus’ Phylactery to deal much more damage than intended.
  6. Fixed a bug causing settings for the overlay map to work inconsistently.
  7. Fixed a bug where the "chance to fire 6 additional projectiles" effects for Hungering Souls (on its tree and on Idols) were rolled separately. This meant that you could fail to fire extra projectiles despite having a combined total of 100%.
  8. Fixed the Paladin passive Prayer Aegis granting 7 health per point rather than the stated 10 health per point.
  9. Fixed a bug preventing the bridge in The Precipice from being smashed by the boss.