Update v0.7.10b


  1. Adjusted the dodge chance formula to grant slightly lower dodge chances at all levels, and cap at 75% rather than 80%.
  2. The Boss Temporary Resistance System no longer applies to bosses in randomized Monolith zones or the Arena. Bosses in these areas have had a small health increase to partially compensate.
  3. Slightly reduced how much enemy damage scales with area level.
  4. Ward gained on block now applies after damage is taken (so the ward is not instantly removed).
  5. Added a death sound for Abhorrent Slimes.
  6. Adjusted the volume for various NPC voices.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug causing game audio to not play and gameplay errors on macOS.
  2. Fixed a bug where various skills that normally apply multiple stat buffs were only applying a single buff. This Holy Aura and Summon Spriggan, as well as others.
  3. Fixed a bug where Lightning Blast’s Focal Blast node would cause the skill to continue dealing damage after channeling stopped. This could stack.
  4. Fixed Warpath’s Whirling Barrier granting far more Elemental Resistance than intended.
  5. Fixed Flame Ward’s Prismatic Buffer reducing elemental damage rather than elemental damage taken.
  6. Fixed a bug where the connection between the Sonority and Fiery Abyss nodes on the Abyssal Echoes tree only worked one way.
  7. Fixed the Forge Guard’s Battle Hardened node not giving physical resistance.
  8. Fixed Frostbite dealing less damage than intended.
  9. Fixed a bug where you could put different crafting items on top of each other in the crafting panel to change their type.
  10. Fixed an object blocking the camera in The Ulatri Cliffs.
  11. Fixed items dropping out of bounds in part of Imperial Welryn.
  12. Fixed a chest being inaccessible in Necropolis of the Deep.
  13. Fixed the town portal in Cultist Camp spawning in an incorrect location.
  14. Fixed certain visual effects projecting on top of the Void Amalgamation.
  15. The Damage Dealt to Mana affix is now listed under Mage Specific in the affix picker for Loot Filters.
  16. Fixed loading screen tooltips not being updated for 0.7.10 mechanics.
  17. Updated information on Fractures in the Game Guide.
  18. Fixed the formula for Armour mitigation not being shown in the Game Guide.
  19. Fixed the world map showing that Last Archive has a waypoint.
  20. Fixed a visual issues with a cliff in The Precipice.
  21. Fixed the music in Last Archive being incorrect.
  22. Fixed some minor typos.