Update v0.7.10c

Loot Filter

  1. Rules can now be renamed, which will improve clarity when placing several rules of the same type next to each other.
  2. Improved the default names for several types of rules.
  3. The color picker now opens automatically when setting a rule to Recolor.
  4. The Loot Filter toggle key now only disables the Loot Filter while the key is being held down.
  5. Fixed an oversight preventing the lowest tier of body armour being available for rules.


  1. Pack density scales up to a 17% lower maximum and scales up 20% more slowly.
  2. Enemy movement speed scales up 25% more quickly, but the maximum is unchanged.


  1. Fixed an oversight causing Magic/Rare enemy mod restrictions for the Arena applying to all enemies in the game.
  2. Mods that could not spawn in the arena such as "Fracturing", "Summoning", "Twinned" and the new "nearby allies take less damage" could not spawn at all.
  3. Mods that could not spawn on magic enemies in the arena, such as the new resistance shred mods, could not spawn on magic enemies at all.
  4. Resistance Shred mods cannot spawn on magic packs that have more than 4 enemies.
  5. The "revives after two seconds" mod can no longer spawn in the Arena.
  6. Giant Crabs no longer appear in such large numbers in the Monolith.
  7. Fixed an oversight where Void Horrors could not spawn in endgame.


Devouring Orb

  1. Abyssal Juggernaut no longer grants elemental resistance and can have a maximum of 5 points allocated (from 6). It still grants void resistance.


  1. The Charring, Kindling, and Inflame nodes now only apply to Firebrand, rather than globally. This was the originally intended functionality.


  1. Improved the Tier 6 and Tier 7 values of all non-set resistance affixes. For example, T7 fire resistance can now roll up to 60% (from 45%).

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug that caused a high intensity and long duration screenshake if lots of different sources of screenshake happened rapidly. This was most common in the Husk of Elder Pannion fight.
  2. Added a failsafe to allow old characters to complete the Finding Pannion quest.
  3. Fixed a bug where switching weapons would unsummon companions.
  4. Fixed a bug where switching weapons during a combo ability would allow using a single part of the combo repeatedly.
  5. Fixed a bug where the Mage specific Chance To Shock On Hit With Lightning Skills affix could not roll on any items. It can now roll on mage specific helmets and body armour.
  6. Fixed a bug where the Sentinel specific Increased Smelters Wrath Damage affix could not roll on any items. It can now roll on sentinel specific helmets and body armour.
  7. Fixed the Void Knight’s Temporal Corruption node not adding Void damage.
  8. Fixed Thorn Shield granting 20 armour rather than the stated 40.
  9. Fixed a bug where Rive had a fire icon displayed in the skills panel despite not being able to acquire the fire tag.
  10. Clarified several Infernal Shade node tooltips.
  11. Fixed some NPCs floating above the ground in Last Archive.
  12. Fixed an arch not fading out when it blocks the camera in Heorot’s Arena and Heorot’s Temple.
  13. Fixed NPCs having incorrect voice lines in Echo of a World and Gladiator’s Rest.
  14. Fixed ragdoll forces being identical for all enemies of a given type, leading to less randomization.
  15. Fixed Desert Skullen not having outlines when moused over.