Update November 29, 2021

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug where the game would crash if the player destroyed Lunchbox or Adoption Papers while also having Rain Cloud + Rain or Cursed Katana + Ninja.
  2. Fixed a bug where Coin symbols on the Floor Modifiers screen weren’t properly loading their textures if a Mod changed the behavior of the Coin symbol.
  3. Fixed a typo in the LatAm-Spanish localization and French localization.
  4. [Modding] Fixed a bug where existing_item mods weren’t working on Essences.
  5. [Modding] Fixed a bug where counted_symbols wasn’t working in var_math dictionaries under certain circumstances.
  6. [Modding] Fixed a bug where variables passed to var_math dictionaries in comparisons weren’t dynamically updating.
  7. [Modding] Fixed a bug where ceil/floor/round weren’t working on non-rand_num var_math dictionaries.