Update March 20, 2021

Localization Fixes

  1. Removed accidental spacing in the Traditional Chinese (TW) locale.
  2. Improved a few item descriptions in the Traditional Chinese (TW) locale.
  3. Clarified a few symbol descriptions in the locales added in Content Patch #4.

Update #2

Game Balance

  1. Reduced the cost of the 6th and 9th rent payment by 25 coins.
  2. Reduced the number of Cultists required for the 1 coin bonus by 1.

Localization Fixes

  1. Removed unnecessary parenthesis and characters in the Korean locale.
  2. Improved a few Names and Descriptions in the Korean, Traditional Chinese (TW), and Polish locales.
  3. Fixed a value in Moon’s description appearing as "Null" in the locales added with Content Patch #4.

Update #3

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug where the Spanish (Spain) locale was incorrectly displaying strings from the Spanish (Latina America) locale.
  2. Fixed a bug where savefiles could become corrupted under certain circumstances.