Update July 21, 2021

  1. New platforms added: "Beam Deck" and "Intelvisual Amikos".
  2. 9 new objects added.
  3. The chance of success for the employee search is now linked to the current year and difficulty level.
  4. BALANCE: Success chance for employee search reduced.
  5. BALANCE: "Pretendo Zwitch" is removed from the market in 2025 and now has higher sales.
  6. BALANCE: "Pretendo Zwitch Pro" and "Pretendo MX" are now released several years later.
  7. BUG: "Update all items" button was not disabled when the build menu was open.
  8. BUG: Starting money for the year 1995 was incorrect.
  9. BUG: When automatic was active in employee search, "Start automatic" was still displayed.