Update February 16, 2021

  1. GOTY editions can now be released.
  2. Multiplayer: "Random Game Concepts" can now be activated.
  3. BALANCE: Support department effectiveness increased.
  4. BUG: Addon bundles were displayed in the "Game Concepts" and "Fan Letters" menu.
  5. BUG: It was possible to select budget games for addon bundles.
  6. BUG: You could create bundles even if you didn’t have this option unlocked yet.
  7. BUG: For some languages the "Number of researches" was unrecognizable.
  8. BUG: Some languages had text problems in the options menu.
  9. BUG: It was possible to create updates for bundles.
  10. BUG: Budget games were listed in game reports.