Update February 17, 2021

  1. Save Games should now load much faster.
  2. When you minimize the Game Tabs, you can now see the most important data.
  3. The working speed of the staff is now adapted to the game speed.
  4. Multiplayer menu: You can now view the awards of the other players.
  5. BUG: In the menu "Mad Games Convention" the button "Remove product" did not work.
  6. BUG: In the menu "Mad Games Convention" it was possible to select contract games.
  7. BUG: Staff skills should not go above 100 now.
  8. BUG: Sometimes the windows from the building disappeared when you built a room.
  9. BUG: When minimizing the GameTabs, the tab was not highlighted in red when the stock was at 0.