Update February 18, 2021

  1. For addons and MMO addons the subtopic can now be changed.
  2. Start menu: It is now possible to choose whether the working speed is adjusted to the game speed.
  3. Production and stock menu: Games can now be sorted by "release date".
  4. Options: It can now be set whether minimized game tabs should only show the game name.
  5. BALANCE: Sales of bundles reduced.
  6. BALANCE: Random platform popularity: Market strength should now be more realistic.
  7. BALANCE: MMO addons and standard addons no longer generate calls, emails.
  8. BALANCE: NPCs developed too bad games on high difficulty levels.
  9. BUG: Multiplayer (research menu): You could not click on other players.
  10. BUG: The game tabs of digital-only games also flashed red.
  11. BUG: Production menu: Sort function did not work.
  12. BUG: For addon bundles and GOTY editions you also got awards.
  13. BUG: Bundles and budget games could trigger "Bored Fans".
  14. BUG: It was possible to remaster budget games.
  15. BUG: If you moved a task in a room that supported another room, employees stopped working.
  16. BUG: Carpets could protrude through walls when shrinking a room.