Update February 21, 2021

  1. In-app purchases are now available. (New game required!).
  2. A sorting function has been added for the turnover menu.
  3. Engines can now be sorted by specialty platform.
  4. Rating for NPC games is now related to difficulty.
  5. BUG: Remasters could not get awards at the "Mad Games Awards".
  6. BUG: Server room: The message "Server overheating" was only displayed in German.
  7. BUG: In the "Buy DevKits" menu, it was not possible to see if a platform was Internet-enabled.
  8. BUG: In multiplayer mode the NPC could buy engines, but the engines were not offered for sale.
  9. BUG: If you placed a door in front of an object, the object was not lifted.
  10. BUG: MMO addons were not transferred correctly in multiplayer.