Update March 31, 2021

  1. You can now create cell phone games.
  2. Studio rating now affects the sales of self-distributed games.
  3. MMOs now also have an interest value.
  4. View Game Design Menu: Added button to copy "only" the design settings.
  5. Develop Game Menu: The total user count of all platforms is now displayed.
  6. Menu "Marketing": Sorting by date is now done in reverse order.
  7. Marketing" menu: The last selected game is now always kept.
  8. BALANCE: Lifespan of MMOs shortened.
  9. BUG: The genre "skill game" was free to research.
  10. BUG: (F2P updates) support and crunch times did not work.
  11. BUG: Awards menu: An incorrect number was displayed for Hit and Trash awards.
  12. BUG: Calculation error for F2P interest fixed.
  13. BUG: The gameplay feature "In-App Purchases" had an incorrect type.
  14. BUG: Development costs for remasters were calculated incorrectly.