Update April 1, 2021

  1. Added 3 new cell phones.
  2. BUG: You could release addons even if the main game was not yet released.
  3. BUG: If you wanted to develop a "remaster" or a "successor", you could no longer change the platform type.
  4. BUG: Menu "Marketing": The sorting of the games was incorrect.
  5. BUG: You could not click room buttons if they were under the right game list.
  6. BUG: (Multiplayer) If someone uses their own logo, it should no longer cause crashes with the other players.
  7. BUG: (Multiplayer) It could happen that a game got a 0% rating.

Update #2

  1. BUG: (Save Game) There could be a crash when creating a game report.
  2. BUG: (Multiplayer) Contract games were incorrectly displayed as games from other players.
  3. BUG: (Multiplayer) Contract games were not sold.