Update April 20, 2021

  1. Games can now be ported to other platform types.
  2. Contract games can now be sorted by "bonus".
  3. Reductions for development costs now work added together (mobile 25% + remaster 20% etc.).
  4. Company special genre no longer triggers "Bored Fans".
  5. Menu "My Game Concepts -> Game Description": The game description can now be saved to the clipboard.
  6. Menu "Development Report" made clearer.
  7. Menu "Develop game": For themes, it is displayed whether games with this theme are already on the market.
  8. For MMO addons, all languages that the MMO already has are activated.
  9. Game tooltips and game concepts now show the license used.
  10. Game tabs now additionally display the genre and game size.
  11. South Africa added as company location.
  12. BALANCE: MMO sales and subscriptions increased.
  13. BALANCE: Active players in in-app purchases of F2Ps increased.
  14. IP system added: All games of the IP influence each other.


  1. For old save games, only the first game is set as the IP.
  2. Successors, remasters, etc. are "not" added to the IP.