Update April 22, 2021

  1. Contract work for workshop is now working.
  2. Porting games: Machine games have a positive effect on retail game sales.
  3. Performance improved.
  4. Added some new custom logos.
  5. Addon bundles: Games that no longer have addons available are no longer displayed.
  6. BALANCE: Contract work is now created more evenly for all rooms.
  7. BALANCE: Values of fan campaigns adjusted.
  8. BUG: When creating an add-on for a ported game, the text codes were displayed in the game name.
  9. BUG: Addons were not added to the IP.
  10. BUG: It was possible to create addons for budget games and GOTY editions.
  11. BUG: (Automatically remove games from the market): Arcade Cabinets were removed from the market while there were still pre-orders.
  12. BUG: (Mad Games Awards): Fixed some bugs that could lead to wrong results.
  13. BUG: Review texts were displayed in English for Japanese and Romanian language.