Update April 29, 2021

  1. IP menu revised: You can now see various stats like revenue, sales, awards, etc.
  2. Added 12 new employee perks (including negative perks).
  3. Employee perks are now selected by profession (for example "No bugs" only for programmers).
  4. Development report menu: When developing a contract game, you can now see the minimum rating, bonus payment etc. there.
  5. START YEAR: Depending on the start year, certain rooms and game sizes are unlocked immediately, as well as the starting capital has been increased.
  6. BALANCE: Impact of licenses increased.
  7. BUG: (Engine licenses) No license fee was paid for revenue from subscriptions and arcade games.
  8. BUG: When publishing games as budget, GOTY edition, etc., it could happen that the IP was not set correctly.
  9. BUG: (Produce vending machines): If the game had no more pre-orders, the vending machine animation was still played.
  10. BUG: (Exploit): It was possible to change the prices of vending machines while there were still pre-orders.
  11. BUG: Vending machine games received user reviews even if no machine was sold.