Update June 1, 2021

  1. New objects added: Console development workplace II & III.
  2. There are now legendary technicians / hardware specialists.
  3. Added an additional menu in the Custom Console Menu to view all available console games.
  4. Number of games with a specific topic: Addons and MMO addons no longer increase the number.
  5. Stats->Own Consoles->Console Games: Own games are now highlighted in green.
  6. BALANCE: (Difficulty level "Hard" and "Legendary"): Sales of own consoles reduced.
  7. BALANCE: Owned console lifespan reduced.
  8. BUG: Sometimes commissioned games were created for platforms that have already been removed from the market.
  9. BUG: The gameplay feature "Touch Screen Support" was unlocked too late. Therefore it was not possible to develop games for a custom handheld with touch screen.