Update June 2, 2021

  1. - Added button at the top of the GUI to update all objects in each room.
  2. - Game development: Added a button to automatically set all known optimal design settings.
  3. - Game development: Themes can now be sorted by market oversaturation.
  4. - Game development: Genres can now be sorted by alphabet, popularity and experience.
  5. - Price settings for consoles and arcade: Added additional buttons to set the price faster.
  6. - You now get engine fees from contract games if you used an InHouse engine.
  7. - The highest chart position is now displayed in the tooltip of games and in the revenue menu.
  8. - If you have not released a product for an IP for a long time, the IP rating will drop.
  9. - If you release a product for an IP too many times in a short period of time, the IP rating will increase slower.
  10. - Game concept menu: Translation costs for languages are now displayed.
  11. - BALANCE: Production research now costs $5,000,000.
  12. - BALANCE: Arcade machines now stay on the market longer and sell more units.
  13. - BUG: Games in development have increased the market oversaturation of topics.
  14. - BUG: In the bank menu some texts were displayed only in German.
  15. - BUG: (Console development) Automatic updating of objects did not work.
  16. - BUG: Legendary technicians had a "<T>" in their name.
  17. - BUG: (Console Price menu) When you set automatic price, the updated price was not displayed.