Update June 5, 2021

  1. In the Charts & OwnConsoles menu, there are now all-time charts for consoles.
  2. When building a room and in the room staff menu, you can now see how many staff the room is suitable for (without the staff complaining).
  3. In the console tooltip and in the "My Consoles->Console Details" menu, you can now see the date when the console was taken off the market.
  4. LOAD / SAVE GAME: An icon is displayed when a save game is out of date.
  5. BALANCE: Bonus increased for console and computer games that are also available on an arcade machine.
  6. BALANCE: NPC platforms now have a random factor of maximum 5% for historical sales.
  7. BUG: Crunch time has been enabled for customer support at 100% work progress.
  8. BUG: The gameplay feature "Modern Controller Support" was unlocked too late.