Update June 8, 2021

  1. Contract work: You can now set rooms to wait for new contract work.
  2. You can now select two consoles at the fair.
  3. (Messages) You can now additionally set a message to appear when the NPC releases a game for your console.
  4. Start menu: Number of remaining perks is now displayed.
  5. (Multiplayer) "Wait for teammate" message and "Wait for server" message: Added a cancel button in case of disconnections.
  6. (Multiplayer) Modified publishers and developers are now syncronized.
  7. BALANCE: Development costs for AA and AAA players increased.
  8. BALANCE: (Staff complaints) Overcrowding for "Motion Capture Studio" and "Sound Studio" adjusted.
  9. BALANCE: NPCs are now releasing more game for player handhelds.
  10. BUG: When selling stock of games, it was not added to revenue.
  11. BUG: (Own Consoles menu): Text error fixed.
  12. BUG: Console production costs of several million dollars should no longer occur.
  13. BUG: (Contract games) Player console icons had incorrect coloring.
  14. BUG: (Room Options) An incorrect room type was displayed.
  15. BUG: Sometimes old save games were not loaded.
  16. BUG: (Contract Games) Engine fees for player engines were not billed.
  17. BUG: (Multiplayer) Number of additional consoles sold by exclusive games was not sent.