Update June 10, 2021

  1. Multiplayer: Modified gameplay features, NPC engines, engine features, hardware components, console features, copy protection and anti-cheat software are now synchronized. This prevents unwanted bugs caused by modified files and makes cheating in multiplayer more difficult.
  2. IP penalty due to neglect is now related to the difficulty level.
  3. BUG: Internet capability for own consoles was unlocked too late.
  4. BUG: You could select the same console twice at the "Mad Games Convention".
  5. BUG: You could sell your development kits for a negative price.
  6. BUG: (Console Development Report menu): "Lead Designer" was displayed instead of "Lead Technician".
  7. BUG: (Stats > Own Consoles > Available Games): Games were displayed that were still in development.
  8. BUG: Review texts of NPC games corrected.
  9. BUG: (NPC games) addons were created for the wrong platform.
  10. BUG: (Staff complaint) Overcrowding was not calculated correctly.