Update June 30, 2021

  1. A button has now been added to the start menu to load the latest save game.
  2. Place objects: Snapping for rotation can now be activated separately.
  3. It is now possible to set the quality assurance to wait until a new game report can be created.
  4. Create game menu: Added a button to view the market research.
  5. Staff view: It is now shown if the employee is sick, freezing etc.
  6. The development costs for engines increase depending on the difficulty level.
  7. The NPCs now occasionally create games with very low scores.
  8. The button to find rooms without a task now goes through all rooms one by one.
  9. New item added: Modern air conditioner for server rooms.
  10. Added new names for developer legends.
  11. BALANCE: NPCs do not create so many remasters anymore.
  12. BALANCE: Licenses are now much more expensive.
  13. BALANCE: The theme "Robots" now fits the genre "Plattformer" | The theme "Planes" now fits the genre "Racing".
  14. BALANCE: The gameplay feature "Mod Support" now fits to RPGs.
  15. BALANCE: Remaster sales numbers reduced.
  16. BUG: Sometimes Save Games with modified themes could not be loaded.
  17. BUG: Snapping setting no longer changes when buying or picking up an item.