Update July 7, 2021

  1. You can now finish games and put them on the waiting list. This allows the development office to get a new work and you can publish the game at a later time. Unpublished games are displayed on the right side of the game list and are highlighted in orange.
  2. If you click on the game, you can publish the game.
  3. Game Completed Menu: When you have created a contract game, you can now see the most important info of the contract.
  4. Create research and game reports: If you have activated the automatic, you can now see how many tasks the room can still do.
  5. Prizes and content for newly released games are now saved and set automatically.
  6. You can no longer release Deluxe and Collectors editions for addons and GOTY editions.
  7. BALANCE: The release date can now be pushed back by 20 weeks.
  8. BUG: Sometimes objects were not placed back in their position (ESC key).
  9. BUG: Menu "Game completed": Some tooltips were not displayed.
  10. BUG: Sort function in the research menu sometimes had a wrong setting.