Update July 13, 2021

  1. Marketing department: You can now perform a staff search.
  2. Sales prices of games can now be automated.
  3. When loading a save game, the game is now paused.
  4. "Game Complete" menu: Current development cost and Estimated review score is now displayed.
  5. "Game complete" menu: "Delete game" and "Complete game" are now small buttons.
  6. Performance improved.
  7. MOD: (Add new quotes): It is no longer necessary to adjust the English text file to the other languages.
  8. BUG: Orange GameTabs stayed orange.
  9. BUG: Legendary staff sometimes had incorrect skill values.
  10. BUG: Clipping error removed from package contents.
  11. BUG: You could use rubber band to pick up your employees even if selecting employees was disabled.
  12. BUG: Picking up objects could cause a crash.