Update January 13, 2022


  1. The season skips twice in case the player started sitting in FPP and was remaining in that position while the season was skipping.
  2. Cudgels don’t lose durability if the player has the "Skilled Farmer" skill maxed out.
  3. The player cannot switch between FPP and TPP if the player dismounts during the mounting animation.
  4. Incorrect sleeping animation for the player.
  5. Camera stutters for standing up animation in TPP.
  6. Incorrect road signs.
  7. Player can still transfer items to the dead mount with transfer whole stack option.
  8. Player can use the special mount animation while mounting.
  9. Player can mount on the horse/donkey while crouching.
  10. Player sits incorrectly on the mount when the mounting animation starts while falling.
  11. Player can open the Inventory, Management and other tabs while dying.
  12. Projectiles miss the player.
  13. Wisent, Bear and Boar are running away from the player if the player gets mounted.
  14. Dead bandits are sometimes loaded with open eyes.
  15. Clipping item meshes: Long Hoods and Backpacks.
  16. Inability to produce bows during winter.


  1. Blending for certain poses in TPP.
  2. Blend time for blocking with axe in TPP.
  3. Numerous adjustments to the distribution of rocks and plants.
  4. Move animation blending in TPP for two handed tools, bag, sack, and bucket.
  5. Sounds for falling tree.
  6. Random season in the main menu.
  7. Drag and drop is now disabled when the player is trying to assign to a quick slot.