Update September 30, 2020

  1. Added the soundtrack in uncompressed FLAC format to the Digital Supporter Pack!

Update #2


  1. Cave mining now increases the Extraction skill instead of the Crafting skill.
  2. Removing tree stumps now works with a shovel. Stumps should now be gone permanently.
  3. It is impossible to destroy the fence without building at least one module. It is now fixed.
  4. NPCs used to stop working in the field when the player did not watch them. They now have a better work morale.
  5. If a torch burned out, it decreased the health of (an)other torch(es). This is fixed as well.
  6. Fixed the management building production list showing less items per hour than it produced.
  7. Quests where you could deliver items in parts and had to deliver more than one type of item should work properly now.
  8. Fixed projectiles like spears, bolts and arrows getting stuck in the air after hitting an animal.


  1. Added build and destroy sounds.
  2. Added the possibility to turn off head bob - Further optimizations to reduce motion sickness are work in progress.


  1. The size of plants data in the save file has been reduced.
  2. Updated the "Digging with shovel" animation.
  3. Removed crossbow as an item to deliver from Missing Bow quest. Only for new quests, existing ones still require it.
  4. More quests are generated per season.

Update #3

  1. Trees inside buildings and fields FIXED - Unfortunately, it will only work when loading the game from a save before patch In the case of saves from version, you have to delete the trees yourself.