Update October 29, 2020


  1. Pouches and backpacks for vendors (seamsters).
  2. New flail sounds.


  1. Tax multipliers from events and/or game settings are not included in building’s tax info.
  2. Clicking on assigning recipe in building’s assignments results in selecting another item than desired.
  3. Items from the miscellaneous category that are on the bottom in inventory (below coins) are not selected properly, so the player can sell coins or the one item above the last selected.
  4. The game mode customization parameter for animal health points did not work.
  5. The game mode customization parameter for damage from animals is not working.
  6. NPC production assignments that use buckets of water removed the whole item instead of its content.
  7. Bow is not drawing with infinite stamina enabled in customization.


  1. Russian language.
  2. Ukrainian language.
  3. Czech language.
  4. "Tab" button on keyboard and gamepad special left button now opens last opened tab (inventory, skills, map, etc.).
  5. The speed of lowering the mood now depends on the number of negative factors. Example: the mood of a villager without a house lowers faster than the mood of a villager with a house (the "top speed" value was not change from previous versions of the game).
  6. UI Input fixes.
  7. Player does not need houses to recruit NPCs.