Update November 25, 2020


  1. New building feature - Roads.
  2. New sounds for Sheep.
  3. New sounds for Stove.
  4. New sounds for Cauldron.
  5. New sounds for Stone Grate.
  6. New sounds for Fire Box.
  7. New sounds for Fishing.
  8. New draw/shoot sounds for Bows.
  9. New language - Simplified Chinese.
  10. The inhabitant/building/animal/field remains selected when switching the categories in Management.
  11. A selected category in last opened tab (armor, miscellaneous, survival, hunting etc.) is persistent and will be remembered.
  12. New indicators for building condition and heating level have been added to the building detail window.
  13. NPC comes back to the previous location a few seconds after the player moves it (pushes it).
  14. New fishing dedicated weapon - Fishing spear.
  15. Three new types of fish added to the existing lakes and rivers (Pike, Roach, Perch).
  16. Fishing with spears and other weapons.
  17. Notification when assigning/removing animals to/from the building.
  18. Knowledge updated with the information about inhabitants’ Mood.
  19. Notification about player moving into a house.
  20. New fishing animations for NPCs.
  21. NPCs can fish (fishing hut workers).
  22. Acceptations pop up when assigning an NPC to a new home with information about his/her family.
  23. Resolution 3840x1600 added in 21:9 aspect ratio.
  24. Reloading sounds for arrows.
  25. New hit sounds for arrows.
  26. New sounds for flying arrows.
  27. New sound of an arrow hitting the grass.


  1. Items are not floating in water.
  2. Getting dirty does not work when unlimited stamina is on.
  3. Progression bug in new game after loading a quick save.
  4. Instant finishing hunting part in Alwin’s Story part III.
  5. Problem with numbering for miscellaneous items, causing wrong items to be sold to the vendor.
  6. Approval and Affection are not dropping down in time, causing the recruitable NPCs to never leave the map.
  7. The recommended skill in the building details is only visible in production buildings.
  8. Visuals for the lists in the Management window.
  9. NPC details do not update after assigning/removing home/workplace.
  10. Visuals for "Other" category in radial menu.
  11. Harvesting cereals does not give experience points.
  12. Quicksaving at the edge of map allows to pass the map boundaries.
  13. Toddlers are going to the Tavern or sitting.
  14. Management lists are not updating when removing something from Management details.
  15. No profession is displayed in storage’s details.
  16. Visual fixes in building details assignments.
  17. When trying to assign NPC to a house, on the inhabitant list there are people that can’t be assigned.
  18. Visuals in Knowledge and Event history.
  19. Visuals in Skills.
  20. NPCs do not go to work in the morning (work hours 8am to 6pm).
  21. House modules have incorrect heat values.
  22. Incorrect cost of one of the Hunting Lodge modules.
  23. Incorrect cost of one of the Food Storage modules.
  24. Medium and Big Fishing Nets catch the wrong fish.
  25. Wood need drops to 0 when the building has been fully upgraded.
  26. Tool is not spawning in hand if player performs action like skinning. It also may cause a camera bug.
  27. Assigning item to occupied quickslot does not make the old item to be unassigned.
  28. Buying animals is impossible if last opened tab was the Management and last category was other than "Buildings".
  29. Player’s house is in wrong position on compass.
  30. Various bugs with trading and transferring items.
  31. Building and destroying Hen House modules has incorrect sounds.
  32. Village info shows after every assignment in Management tab.
  33. Roads don’t remove bushes and stones.
  34. Fish are not visible with a Talent for spotting animals.
  35. Inaccurate detection of collisions makes it difficult to destroy buildings.
  36. Items dropping to minimum freshness and never being removed but adding various other items.
  37. When the torch runs out, it destroys the new one instead of the old one.
  38. Notification about removing resources when building fences.
  39. After the player dies and switch to heir, the heir’s wife and children do not have right references to the heir.
  40. Player cannot build a Hen House.
  41. Sometimes the sound of rain is missing.
  42. Lack of Gloves in the Sewing.
  43. Sometimes trees fall under the ground.
  44. Fish sizes are incorrect.
  45. Hunting quests displaying duplicate animals.
  46. Small generic quest bugs.
  47. Picking up buckets with water/milk/spoiled milk results in them being added to selected quickslot.
  48. Some schemes in assignments menu are not locked by the Technology even if the scheme isn’t purchased.
  49. Some tools condition decreases only once.
  50. Name "Recursive Bow" to "Recurve Bow".
  51. Shovel durability isn’t decreasing when digging out stumps.
  52. Equipping last selected quick slot on game load.
  53. Consuming capacity from items like "bucket with water" through inventory consumes capacity of whole stack.
  54. Notification about building unlocked shows up, but building is still locked - Player needs at least 0.1 technology points above desired value to have the building unlocked.
  55. Certain birch stumps weren’t associated with Extraction skill.


  1. Increased chance to pair inhabitants.
  2. Turkish language.
  3. Increased many items buoyancy.
  4. New inventory system for better optimization.
  5. Inhabitant’s Mood level has a new range (-100, 100).
  6. Information about adding, removing, or consuming item from inventory also shows the number of items in inventory.
  7. Changed the name "Fish" to "Fish Meat".
  8. Improved accuracy in detecting plants when harvesting with a scythe.
  9. Fishing Nets now provide specific type of fish instead of a fish meat.
  10. Changed Coin icon.
  11. Game logic optimization.
  12. Input holding behaviour regarding how fast the elements can change and total amounts of steps in sliders.
  13. Chances of rainy days have been reduced.
  14. German language.
  15. Rendering optimizations.
  16. Added more fish spots.
  17. Description for fishing spear, shovel, torches and fish processing.