Update December 22, 2020


  1. New building - Stable.
  2. New animal - Horse.
  3. New feature - Horse Riding.
  4. New gameplay features - Challenges and Kings.
  5. New game character - Herald. An NPC distributing challenges.
  6. New harvesting tools - Stone Sickle and Iron Sickle.
  7. New equipment to craft for horse - Saddle, Horseshoes and three types of Saddlebags.
  8. New building on the map - the stable in Hornica. (You can buy horses there from Leonard, but after a season change on loading a game).
  9. A division in female and male animals with the farm animals (some species currently lack male models, but they still can reproduce).
  10. Farm animals can reproduce - there is a growing chance that the young will be born during the season change.
  11. Animals provide recurring resources like milk or wool during the season.
  12. More information about the animal has been added in the detail window.
  13. Animals will die of old age.
  14. The option to sell animals from the management list has been added. (You can mark them to be sold when the season changes).
  15. The player can place a waypoint on the map that is visible on the compass.
  16. New Diplomacy skill progression - Every 10 coins earned in a single transaction add 0.1 point to the Diplomacy skill.
  17. The price for animals is affected by talents.
  18. A poison reduction parameter is added to item description in the inventory.
  19. Game settings that allows to change sprint and crouch from hold to toggle.
  20. Graphics settings for contact shadows.
  21. Map movement with a gamepad.
  22. Sounds for horses.
  23. Sounds for sickle.
  24. New sounds for knife.
  25. New sounds of skinning with a knife.
  26. New switch sounds for knife, cudgel, shovel, spear, bows, axe, and crossbow.
  27. New swipe sounds.
  28. New sounds for arrows hitting various surfaces like ground, iron, stone, and water.
  29. New sounds for all spears.
  30. New sounds for crossbow.
  31. New sounds for throwing rock.
  32. New sounds for the character breath and grunt.
  33. New sounds for cudgel.
  34. A cliff in the eastern mountains.


  1. Increased the building limits for the settlement, village, town, and city development statuses.
  2. Field workers now take seeds and grain from a chest in the barn.
  3. Changed values for the few last buildings in farming technology - Barn III and Food Storage III.
  4. The minimal item weight is now 0.01 (so items like arrows weigh more now).
  5. Changed the look of item descriptions in inventory and trading.
  6. Rendering optimization.
  7. Visibility of ghosts during construction and destruction is limited by range.
  8. French Language.
  9. Turkish Language.
  10. Ukrainian Language.
  11. Hungarian Language.
  12. Russian Language.
  13. Only the player’s villagers are visible on the map. (Other NPCs are visible only if they provide a quest or are the target of a talk).
  14. Some system optimizations.
  15. Field management coloring should now be improved for people with colorblindness.
  16. In the building assignments tab the hotkeys for increasing or decreasing power can now be held so the values will keep changing.
  17. Zooming the map via mouse wheel.
  18. Traps are also visible in "main" map category.
  19. Increased and unified bucket weight.
  20. The animal purchase system is now like assigning them to a building through animal details.
  21. Temporarily one item’s capacity is not being taken into consideration while calculating the item price.
  22. Character optimizations.
  23. More rocks and low foliage on the terrain, mainly in mountains.
  24. Increased some resource amounts required for Lavish Meal quest.
  25. Some NPCs from the villages wear profession clothes. (In a new game).
  26. Moving and zooming the map using a mouse.
  27. Throwing Rocks auto equips after throwing, identical to spears.
  28. Size and look of input fields on UI.
  29. Filling the bucket with water automatically reequips another bucket.
  30. The threshing floor workbench has an improved model.
  31. Animals are mentioned in Knowledge.
  32. The fishing spear damage is now reduced.
  33. Animals can now take fall damage.
  34. Wrong threshing animation for farmers.
  35. Player and NPCs position when using barrels to craft.
  36. Removed Daub requirement from "house rebuilding" quest.
  37. Field Workers that keep waiting for the next tasks, are checking the field for these tasks every 30 seconds now.
  38. The HUD tutorials now can be closed by clicking the button with the mouse and it is possible to change the input to a gamepad.
  39. Map filters.


  1. The sheep fur is too dark.
  2. No fields in Inspector mode.
  3. Items that cause poisoning have a poison reduction.
  4. With broken items, the "remove notification" does not show how many of it is still in the Inventory.
  5. Unlocking the Resource Storage II shows a notification about Excavation Shed II.
  6. Holstering a hammer while the building modification menu is open allows to pick the modification mode without a hammer in hand.
  7. If player was poisoned during saving, after loading the saved game, the tutorial about poisoning shows up.
  8. The village demand for wood and food is by factor 0.1 greater than it should be.
  9. The village details in the management tab are gone after assigning NPC to work or a house and closing the NPC details.
  10. On starting a new game, the keyboard arrows and gamepad d-pad are not responsive in the Main Menu until clicking on the window with a mouse.
  11. Coins that are stolen are kept in separate stacks.
  12. Plants return growing on the roads.
  13. Teleporting to the other side of the bench (or stool) if an NPC stands up.
  14. NPCs are sitting in the air.
  15. NPCs are teleporting to the roof.
  16. Not all items needed from items restriction are displayed in the event button.
  17. If an inhabitant leaves the player’s village the quest is not cancelled (while it’s impossible to complete).
  18. Baskets’ names as an item and crafting recipe.
  19. With the Miner talent rock deposits drop more resources.
  20. Items with cost zero are impossible to sell/buy.
  21. Fix for various generated quests where the player must talk to another NPC.
  22. The number of seeds/fertilizer is not being displayed correctly in a HUD quickslot after using a bag.
  23. No notification if there are no free save slots left.
  24. If one stack of item is going to be spoiled then all the other stacks holding the same item are going to be spoiled as well.
  25. Blood decal visibility on tools / weapons.
  26. The farm animals in the neighbor villages are not saved in the file.
  27. After putting up a fence or a road, the whole terrain turns into a desert.
  28. Blood particles have abnormal physics inside buildings.
  29. Spoiled milk has no capacity so it cannot be emptied from containers.
  30. The talent "Good Host" increases the Dynasty Reputation from quests, but instead the talent "Say my name" should do it.
  31. The New Game customization sliders are not working on keyboard and gamepad.
  32. The Extraction talents stacks resets on weapon holster/quick slot change.
  33. Scythe recipe should be in Smithy II.
  34. Any unassigning animal from a home does not refresh its state on the main list.
  35. Buckets filled with milk having any capacity less than full cost zero coins.
  36. Wrong material type in Goose House’s roof caused wrong sounds to be played.
  37. If the last active quest is failed then the quest tracker keeps showing the name of that quest.
  38. Tutorial cards can display under the HUD tutorial. (The one after the first talk with Uniegost).
  39. An empty dialogue box in "Have you heard of the trading village?" quest.
  40. Some dialogues refer to the player character as "young man" even if he is older.
  41. A spelling error in Karolina’s dialogue during a Uniegost quest.
  42. Wrong materials for wooden roof construction in Woodshed and Hunting Lodge.
  43. The "Time to hunt" quest.
  44. The repetition of animals in hunting quests.
  45. The event generation where the mood was considered had wrong values.
  46. Male NPC name "Herald" changed to "Harald".
  47. A sheared sheep becomes unshaven after loading the game from file.
  48. Bypassing the blockade of dialogue options (approval / affection) by saving and loading the game.
  49. If a player is in the Inspector mode and accesses any menu, then releases Inspector button, causing the Inspector mode not to turn off after leaving the menu.
  50. Animals can be assigned to buildings that are already at full capacity.
  51. Armor items that give zero cold/heat protection do not display this value in the item description.
  52. Incorrect tool positioning for old characters.
  53. Perished farm animals give the impression of being alive, after loading a game. Fear the living dead!
  54. After shooting a fish with a bow, when the arrow breaks, the fish disappears.
  55. Killing a fish does not contribute to Hunting skill.
  56. After using fists using a hammer was sped up.
  57. Damage for thrown Spears should be now properly calculated. (They had twice the damage).
  58. Sheared sheep still carry their skin when watched from afar.
  59. The Resource Storage III has a wrong set of roof blueprints making it look identical to tier II.
  60. Animals appear on trees. (The chance for this to happen is lowered).
  61. Disappearing mouse cursor after changing key binds.
  62. Crafting recipes are glitching when changing from one category to another.
  63. Farm animals (horse included) cannot be healed. (A slow health regeneration has been added).
  64. Hitting water with tools lowers their durability.
  65. The animations for Working Table and barrels in the Fishing Hut are not playing correctly.
  66. Shearing Scissors get stuck in the animation loop if the player had them equipped at the start of the shearing.
  67. Using empty containers like chests sometimes marks its weight below zero.
  68. The player can sprint while taking aim.
  69. Empty space between input buttons in the options menu.
  70. A non-clickable left arrow in map filter options.