Update February 11, 2021


  1. New sounds for Bear: steps, breath, roar, snort, sleep, eat.
  2. New sounds for Boar: steps, hit, death, grunt, sleep, eat.
  3. New sounds for Pig and piglets: steps, hit, death, grunt, sleep, eat.
  4. New sounds for Chicken, Chick, Rooster, Goose: steps, chirp, wings, hit, death.
  5. New sounds for Cow & Calf - steps, breath, roar, snort, sleep, eat.
  6. New sounds for Wisent - steps, breath, roar, snort, sleep, eat.
  7. New sounds for Deer and young Deer: new footsteps, breath, eat, idle, hit, death.
  8. New horse summons sounds.
  9. New sounds for Wolf.
  10. New sounds for the Wolf: walking on grass and water.
  11. New footsteps sound for Fox.
  12. Sounds for the Door.
  13. NPCs do change clothes for work.
  14. Schematics for items, fences, and furniture can be purchased directly from the radial menus.
  15. A new henhouse building model.
  16. If the condition of an item in the inventory is less or equal 20% it becomes highlighted in red color.
  17. An acceptance is required if changes were made in the game options or the graphics options.
  18. Opening the map centers it on the player plus a button for centering the map on the player.
  19. QWERTZ-CZ for the Czech keyboard layout.
  20. Marking animals for sale is now also possible in the building details.
  21. New animal feed racks have been added.
  22. Added a system for filling troughs, animal feed racks and washtub.
  23. New functionality for transferring a whole stack of items to and from chests/mounts.
  24. Added a notification about the number of hungry and homeless animals.
  25. Stone and iron items now need a Hammer as a tool to be crafted.
  26. Roach, Perch and Pike now need a Knife as a tool for crafting Fish Meat.
  27. Plank and Firewood now need an Axe as a tool to be crafted.
  28. NPCs now use tools in production.
  29. New animal - Rooster.
  30. New animal - male Goose.
  31. New cliffside in the central-south area.
  32. More rocks and low foliage on terrain.


  1. Prices rounding.
  2. Key bind for placing the Waypoint does not change after changing it in the key binds.
  3. Items with the same durability (that are not using freshness or capacity) sometimes do not stack together.
  4. Rotten items (rotten meat etc.) being destroyed when picked up by player.
  5. A problem with stacking tools/weapons in quick slot after changing it the slot to the non-stackable one.
  6. The number of items in the selected bag mode (fertilizer etc.) is not updating when the player adds or removes those items from the inventory.
  7. Problem with dialogues that make it impossible to finish some Challenges and froze the game when the player talked to a female NPC.
  8. Change name "Wattle Door" to "Wooden Door" in Tavern.
  9. Animals in neighboring villages sometimes clone themselves.
  10. Empty Washtubs in neighboring villages. Currently have varying water levels.
  11. Menu music sometimes continue to play after starting a new game.
  12. Eating items shows only a consume notification.
  13. NPCs sometimes change beds at night or go to sleep on the floor.
  14. When a spear breaks on impact with fish it now spawns dead fish.
  15. Notification about a removed item now shows up when shooting arrows or bolts.
  16. Player could perform skinning or drinking water instantly when changing the interaction target from an item to animal/water source quickly.
  17. Issue where the player can pour out water from an empty Bucket.
  18. Player can no longer duplicate a spear if he opens inventory and drops it on the ground right after throwing it.
  19. Wrong Linen Fabric cost of Pants with Cuffs (12 instead of 1).
  20. The lack of a Fishing Spear in Workshop and Smithy.
  21. Eating Meat with Gravy returns a Bowl instead of a Plate.
  22. Bowl is not returned damaged after eating but removed.
  23. Eating items from the stack does not refresh the data in the inventory.
  24. Trees are not growing back.
  25. Some items have an incorrect description and name.
  26. Reduced the frequency of sounds for Chickens, Chicks, Roosters, Cows, and Pigs.
  27. A cow can be milked even though the readiness value is not filled.
  28. The whole quest description shows on loading the game instead of partially.
  29. After completion, the quest has the wrong number of items delivered.
  30. The "Summon Mount" key bind for the gamepad has no icon.
  31. Double notification about broken waterskin.
  32. Asking people to say more about themselves sometimes does not open the appropriate tab in Management.
  33. It is impossible to drop items from the inventory while riding a mount.
  34. Buckets and other containers, when emptied by NPCs, are not transferred to the appropriate buildings.
  35. The "Barter" talent does not affect selling prices of animals.
  36. Flax Stalk has wrong weight value.
  37. Missing Fishing Spear recipe in Workshop/Smithy.
  38. Wrong Farming technology points for Bucket scheme.
  39. NPCs keep fertilizing the field chunks when they should stop.
  40. Wrong number of technology points needed to buy Wooden Bowl, Cup and Plate crafting schemes.
  41. "Homeless" statistics includes dead animals.
  42. Selecting the animal in the Management tab with mouse does not show the "Sell/Remove" buttons.
  43. The Tax for all buildings is 0 coins.
  44. Bucket changes into water buckets when taking a bath and holding empty bucket.
  45. Tools do not hide when the character is using a Washtub.
  46. It is possible to have infinite water by using a Washtub with an empty bucket.
  47. The "Lock and Load" talent blocks the use of a Crossbow.
  48. Roosters do not react to projectiles.
  49. Now female characters should be less likely to hold an invisible infant.
  50. When the Horses are asleep, their mouths clip through the Stable floor.
  51. Sounds for Bear: attack, death.
  52. Sounds for Quern: it was a bit noisy.
  53. Two or more field workers work on the same chunk.
  54. Waterskin cannot get broken while drinking from it.
  55. Field workers standing preoccupied in the fields.
  56. Equipped horse items do not show as equipped if the saddlebags are opened with "E".
  57. The item description is visible in the quickslot radial menu if no item is selected.
  58. The "Storage" is seen if you open the mount inventory via the saddlebags.
  59. When you use "Unlimited weight", the setting applies to the horses too, but beyond a certain heaviness, the overweight symbol still shows. The horse can still move though.
  60. If player saves before finishing a quest but after an NPC distributes the rewards, on loading this save, he gets the reward again.
  61. Buckets of milk showing condition instead of freshness when laying on the map.
  62. Some building modules had a wrong name: wooden wall instead of "Interior".
  63. Some spelling errors in dialogues.
  64. The selection in the options menu is now highlighted.
  65. Text movement in radial menus.
  66. The sound of eating when drinking from a bucket.
  67. Removing capacity from an item that is in a big stack results in capacity getting a negative value.
  68. The stone spear gets damaged less when throwing it, compared to other pikes.
  69. Rocks sometimes appeared in random places after season change.
  70. Blurred tree ring texture.
  71. Holding the "UI_Drop" button was not updated to user input setting in both inventory and management.
  72. Completed a quest with wrong numbers of delivered items.
  73. Closing the HUD tutorial (the one after talking to Uniegost) with the ESC-key also opened game menu.
  74. Closing HUD tutorials (for example the HP tutorial) with ESC results in the mouse cursor still being visible and the player being unable to rotate the character unless he opens either the game menu or inventory.
  75. Pressing UI Right results in UI right constantly pressed.
  76. The production list is not refreshed when the building is damaged.
  77. Removing a tree stump gives no skill.
  78. Updated the management button’s visibility if a building has no production and crafting scheduled.
  79. Villagers eat the buckets instead of their contents. Hmm, tasty iron!
  80. Recruits teleport to another stool/bench (another village) after getting up from a stool/bench.
  81. Wrong sounds when hitting some building modules.
  82. Key binds are not changing from keyboard to gamepad in events.
  83. UI inputs get stuck if the player holds a key and then releases it during the input being disabled.
  84. An infant can no longer get shot in the "Hunting incident" event.
  85. The Horse is incorrectly switching between movement animations.
  86. The Horse now closes its eyes when sleeping.
  87. Player being able to shoot with a crossbow before the reloading animation was finished.
  88. Animals now require feeding. If they are not fed, they produce nothing.
  89. Taking out a tool/weapon and switching to empty hands at the start of the "taking out" animation creates a tool/weapon with an infinite durability.
  90. The player can sprint backwards when holding sprint key on horse and changing riding direction.
  91. The player can craft with a Torch in hand.
  92. Fishing is not giving Technology points in Survival.


  1. Fishing Spear is now added to the category "Stone Tools".
  2. Descriptions for some items.
  3. Lowered crafting recipe needs and prices for Potage, Soup and Meat with Gravy.
  4. German language.
  5. Russian language.
  6. Ukrainian language.
  7. Turkish language.
  8. Czech language.
  9. Hungarian language.
  10. French language.
  11. Polish language.
  12. When the Buckets of Spoiled Milk rot and finally transform to empty Buckets they now automatically transfer to correct Storage.
  13. Wooden Bowl and Plate is now in the category for crafting items.
  14. Sticks, Logs, Stones, Clay, Straw, Broadleaf Plantain, St John’s Wort and all kind of Berries now can’t be sold by the player.
  15. Notifications when using charges of water/milk now show both states of current milk amount and current buckets number.
  16. Drinking from the Waterskin shows consume notification.
  17. Player can now rearrange quick slots when riding a horse.
  18. Player can now switch between quick slots when riding a horse.
  19. Changed how filling Buckets with Water works to be the same as filling a Waterskin.
  20. Adjusted how throwing direction is calculated for spears.
  21. Changed bleeding durations and damage - Bleeding should now have a bigger effect on animals.
  22. Lowered price and crafting time of Wooden Ladle, Spoon, Bowl, Cup and Plate.
  23. Increased number of items crafted from single scheme for Wooden Bowl, Cup and Plate.
  24. Crafting resources for Longbow, Recurve Bow and Crossbow are decreased.
  25. Items with capacity now lose durability when used for crafting or drinking.
  26. Control option for crouching and sprinting changed from checkbox to toggle/hold.
  27. Animal Breeders now move from animal to animal and take care of them instead of just standing in the animal building.
  28. Hunters have Stone Arrows instead of the Iron ones.
  29. Lowered cost of the Wooden Bowl, Cup and Plate crafting schemes.
  30. Using a Hoe to plow a field and using Fertilizer does not reset the plan in the Crop Management tab.
  31. Quest objectives displayed on HUD tracker and the Journal are now changed for better clarity.
  32. Hunters are looking for dead animals to skin those they hunted themselves.
  33. Children (Infants, Toddlers, Kids) leave the village if their parents die.
  34. Field management visuals.
  35. Cleaning animation at Washtub now ends more smoothly.
  36. Stone Knife collision when dropped.
  37. Eating from Bowl (soups, etc.) now leaves empty Bowl but with decreased durability. (This applies to both the Player and NPCs).
  38. Removal of orphaned children from a player’s village after the season change.
  39. Sounds for Chests.
  40. Woolen Thread is removed from the Bucket recipe.
  41. Lowered Wool Thread recipe requirements.
  42. Changed the furniture prices.
  43. Placing Fence ghosts is free now.
  44. Lowered recipe requirements for Stone, Fishing, and Iron Spears.
  45. Lowered recipe requirements for Recurve Bow and Crossbow.
  46. Lowered recipe requirements for Shirts, Tunics, Tights and Pants.
  47. Optimization of game save duration.
  48. Optimization for the UI management.
  49. Lowered recipe requirements for Hoods, Hats, Shoes, Boots and Gloves.
  50. Lowered recipe requirements for Pouches, Backpacks and Horse Equipment.
  51. Field Workers - divided plowing into two separate tasks: plowing before fertilization and plowing after fertilization.
  52. Increased number of Beetroot, Cabbage, Carrot and Onion collected from field chunk.
  53. Modified crafting recipes for consumables.
  54. Modified prices, weights, food, water, the damage, and other item parameters.
  55. When projectiles for bow/crossbow are depleted from a slot, they get automatically reloaded with the same type of projectile (if there is still more in inventory, otherwise it reloads another type of ammunition).
  56. A complete stack of arrows/bolts is now added to a slot.
  57. Not enough technology text in radial menus with color matching the lock.
  58. Showing what level of technology is required to buy a schematic in the radial menu.
  59. The radial menu for the "Q" key bind has now separate buttons for fence category and for the road category.
  60. The "Failing challenge" notification now shows the name of challenge.
  61. "Change home" acceptance UI visual update.
  62. "Tab" for Knowledge now comes with an input (for keyboard and gamepad).
  63. Modified the times of crafting recipes.
  64. Skills are now always displayed in the same order (skill tab, management, above NPC’s head etc.).
  65. Removing items for crafting not only picks the ones with lowest hp/freshness but those with lowest capacity as well.
  66. Chickens - going to their sleeping positions and have sleep animations.
  67. Crafting now displays the number of items that will be crafted, and the time required to craft it.
  68. Challenge name in notification on completion.
  69. Storages do not require employees.
  70. Field workers react to changes made by the player in field management.
  71. Upgrading and downgrading buildings now requires a talent.
  72. NPC production costs, times, technology points.
  73. Updated riding on horse to improve head bobbing reduction.
  74. Reloading animation for the crossbow.
  75. Reworked Skills and Talents.
  76. Decreased the delay between UI inputs on key holding.
  77. Replaced the sleeping animations for a horse.
  78. Animation blending for the horse when stopping suddenly.
  79. Removed a Fishing Spear from a workstation at the Fishing Hut.
  80. Changed some of the rocks in the water to ones without snow.
  81. Improved the Wolf sound mix.
  82. Fertilizing and plowing fields does not reset after the season changes.
  83. The capacity of a Barn’s chest depends on the level of the building.