Update April 1, 2021


  1. Dropping items from horse on the ground is possible only in range of 15 meters (like transferring).
  2. Input buttons for changing values in options menu.
  3. New sounds of the player washing in the Washtub.
  4. New sound of pouring water into the Washtub.
  5. Shading and windowed full screen in the graphics settings.
  6. Landmark - stream flowing through a cave.
  7. Auto-Run (Double tap Sprint button to activate).
  8. New sounds of wind.


  1. Roasted, Salted and Dried Meat and Fish Meat has wrong technology reward.
  2. NPCs cannot craft unlocked clay items in Workshop II.
  3. Front roof of Workshop I has a sound of wood instead of a straw.
  4. Fire effects have too few particles on low quality settings.
  5. Some quests cannot be completed even though all their objectives are done.
  6. Changing steering to gamepad does not hide mouse cursor.
  7. Unlocking crafting scheme (through the radial menu) that also works for another recipe (like Stew with Meat/Salted Meat) does not unlock all recipes attached to this scheme.
  8. Blurry map.
  9. Horse can be summoned even if it is overloaded.
  10. The summoned horse moves at normal speed regardless of the load.
  11. Wolf can howl while being hit by the player.
  12. Animals can sometimes throw trees into outer space.
  13. The Foals sleep with their eyes open.
  14. The player can interact with the Washtub even though the text shows that the Bucked with Water is required.
  15. Washtub cleans the player when filled with water fully for the first time.
  16. Torch appears during crafting.
  17. After taking off the gloves, the wrong material appears on the hands.
  18. After removing the NPC with the Torch from the village, it leaves the Torch in the air.
  19. Talent "Skilled Farmer" does not work for cereals.
  20. Foliage quality settings does not work.
  21. NPCs are wearing multiple clothes at the same time.
  22. Animals are stopping completely when entering a water (swamps mainly).
  23. Movement speed for teenagers.
  24. Mounted horse is still moving when the player is in a dialogue with an NPC.
  25. NPCs are looking in the wrong direction during dialogue with the player.
  26. No visibility of the Poppy in the Inspector mode.
  27. Transferring to mount that is further than 15m from the player.
  28. Wrong sound for stone wall in Tavern III.
  29. Flickering mouse when changing controls to a gamepad.
  30. Dropping or transferring decimal coins is impossible in languages other than English.
  31. NPC list is not updating after removing an NPC from the village.
  32. NPCs block themselves in the orchards.
  33. NPCs have overly wide-open eyes while sitting.
  34. Orchards are taking Technology points from Building instead of Farming in Technology tab.
  35. The buttons’ visibility in options.
  36. Some quests have all goals completed but the quest cannot be completed.
  37. After changing the season, the player often appears in an occupied bed.
  38. Icon of Coins in the item description in Technology tab scheme.
  39. Color of building slot in NPC and animal details.
  40. Crash issue when summoning a mount.
  41. Foals do not have any info on the HUD (Foal: Male/Female).
  42. Inputs are not set to gamepad in the technology, map, trading, and options menu.
  43. Players can transfer items to a dead horse.
  44. Equipping a duplicate item for horse, via character equipment, adds the new item to the horse inventory instead of equipping it (the old item is unequipped).
  45. The player can summon the horse when said horse is dead.
  46. The horse is walking away from the player or not coming closer to the player when it is summoned.
  47. Map quality.
  48. Player can assign horse as a mount without a saddle.
  49. An issue causing the player to appear smaller.
  50. Player falling on horse.
  51. Auto-run can be activated when in menu.
  52. Reduction of cases of "sliding" NPCs.
  53. Player no more slides after landing or running.
  54. Player getting stuck at workbenches when exiting it by using "Q".
  55. Some NPCs are outside the map.
  56. No effect of rain and snow particles on low and medium shadow quality settings.
  57. "Resources" text in radial menus is displayed when the player does not have Castellan’s permission.
  58. Player should be less likely to get stuck in the workbenches after crafting.


  1. Redesigned shadow quality levels. Ultra - New quality level, High - previous Ultra, Medium - previous High, Low - improved previous Low.
  2. Visual improvements to grass at low quality levels.
  3. Redesigned texture quality levels. Significant improvement in texture quality on low specification PC.
  4. Hungarian language.
  5. German language.
  6. Russian language.
  7. Italian language.
  8. French language.
  9. Input buttons in Inventory, Journal, trading etc. are now also clickable on the text.
  10. Crafting arrows now makes 10 instead of 50 (cost and time is also reduced 5 times).
  11. Blending for Wolf animations.
  12. Water filling for the Washtub now always takes the same amount of time.
  13. Rendering optimizations.
  14. Memory optimizations.
  15. Loading time optimizations.
  16. Italian language.
  17. Anvil and Furnace are now available in the Smithy I.
  18. Changed the order of the animal buildings to match their respective order in Technology.
  19. New threshing and flail animations for NPCs.
  20. Bulls have now their own model.
  21. The capacity of the Tavern chest increases with building level.
  22. Pressing "Enter" while saving now saves immediately (no need to double "Enter").
  23. Orchard is no longer locked by Technology.
  24. Reputation required to recruit new NPC now no longer counts children from player’s village.
  25. Unstuck will now try to move the player out of the object and teleport the player to start only if it fails. (WIP).
  26. New input buttons for tutorial UIs.
  27. New input button for Events.
  28. Diverse optimizations.
  29. Movement should be more responsive to stopping or changing direction.
  30. Every 2 levels the player gets additional talent point (cap increased from 10 to 15).
  31. UI - Hidden level progress if the player reaches max level.
  32. Fruit trees growing time is decreased.