Update April 30, 2021


  1. New sounds of coughing for Male and Female NPCs.
  2. New sounds of coughing for Boy and Girl NPCs.
  3. New sounds of coughing for Toddler.
  4. New sounds of cutting and chopping tree for NPCs.
  5. Wife, child, Herald and Castellan now display icons in inspector and interaction.
  6. New sounds for Pickaxe animations for NPCs.


  1. Some quests cannot be completed because NPC does not want to talk with us about the quest.
  2. Some quests cannot be completed because dialogue is from another quest and nothing happens when the player finishes it.
  3. With a new talent points gaining system, the player needs to spend all excessive points to complete the quest for talents because they go into minus.
  4. Miners from Excavation Shed are not looking for resources.
  5. After loading an old game save, wild animals spawn in the middle of the player’s village.
  6. Sometimes story quests cannot be completed because NPC do not want to talk about the quest. (e.g., Alwin VIII).
  7. Some of the animal spawn points on the map are not working.
  8. Quest givers sometimes use wrong dialogue when the player gets quest from them.
  9. Sometimes quests have wrong objectives and cannot be done (most frequently it happens for "Iron Shortage").
  10. Levitating clay deposits.
  11. The NPC rotates to the player and walks backwards, after it is removed from work via dialogue.
  12. Reduction of cases where a felled tree refuses to fall.
  13. NPCs are changing their faces each time after loading the game.
  14. Fire in grate will not stop now during long crafting in Cauldrons.


  1. Numerous changes in the Vendors’ items.
  2. Russian language.
  3. Ukrainian language.
  4. The speed of feeling the temperature change for the player’s character has been increased.
  5. The penalty for overheating and undercooling has been reduced.
  6. Animal breeder vendors now use icon appropriate to the animal building they work in.