Update October 28, 2021


  1. Items sorting in inventory and during trading/transferring.
  2. "Holding ""F"" or ""X"" changes people’s needs in whole category".
  3. Custom name for animals.
  4. Key binding now recognizes mouse buttons.
  5. Checking the size of all saves in saves folder.
  6. Over 40 new random places generated on the map.
  7. Game mode setting for stopping dropped food from spoiling.
  8. Slight camera shakes when using tools or hitting objects.
  9. Added option to disable camera shakes in gameplay settings.
  10. Added option to disable character’s breathing in gameplay settings.
  11. New dialogue sounds (69 new voice colors): Farewell, first time greeting, Greeting, Vendor.


  1. Changed the way the achievements are written, this should hopefully lower the possibility of achievement writing fail, which prevented any other achievement to be obtained until the game restarts.
  2. Waterskin with Water is a lot cheaper than regular waterskin.
  3. Player can talk to NPC after removing NPC from the village.
  4. Some cases where NPCs sleep on the floor.
  5. Some cases where the workstations work on their own.
  6. Some cases where the NPC gets up from the bench and the player catches him to talk, the NPC runs away.
  7. Racimir can move in with other women without being married to them.
  8. The starting health and damage options don’t affect bandits.
  9. Mount no longer spawns from the ground when summoned of assigned to building.
  10. Player is adjusting his rotation properly now when riding on donkey.
  11. Weight of Wooden Vial is too high.
  12. Wooden gate had wrong texture.
  13. Incorrect warning when placing a Fishing Hut on uneven ground.
  14. Wrong setting name for "Korean".
  15. In some languages text is chopped when giving gift to Females.
  16. Sometimes dismount action key bind is missing.
  17. Wrong expiration time in journal.
  18. Dropped milk when turns to sour milk loses all capacity.
  19. Displayed numbers of potion effects (stamina, food, water) are not correct.
  20. No lighting in door module for residential buildings.
  21. Clay deposit looks wrong in winter.
  22. The fruit on the fruit trees did not react to the wind.
  23. Cases where the AI is unable to enter a building have been reduced.
  24. NPCs animations sometimes pause when they are standing looking at a bench, chair or workbench, until they finally start interacting.
  25. Stubborn horses not walking out from the stable, wanting to cuddle with other horses and do important horse stuff like discussing world domination.
  26. Horses walking really slow in some cases.
  27. Foal movement animations do not match their movement speed.
  28. Gates have wrong notification when trying to place them in unavailable spot.
  29. Dismount action is not assigned to any key after resetting key binds to default.
  30. Items are not assigned to the heir when player transfers to heir on death.
  31. Player switch to tool holding pose even though empty quick slot was selected.
  32. Transition animations being interrupted causing weird stuttering.
  33. Crossbow changing position in player hands when stopping during crouching and aiming.
  34. Throwing Rock damage not being affected by the "pull strength".
  35. Rocks attaching to fish when fish is killed.
  36. Player tool animation not being interrupted on season skip.
  37. Gates affecting NPCs path preference - they could choose a longer path instead of going through the gate.
  38. Bandits floating dead in some cases (What sinister magic was at work here?).
  39. Challenges ending too soon.
  40. Once a field has been destroyed by an event, it cannot be re-ploughed.
  41. Ploughing the field when an NPC is collecting resources from them would revert the field to a state as if the resources were just collected.
  42. NPC collecting crops from fields (adding to storage) that the player has already collected.


  1. Head bobbing algorithm improvements.
  2. Snow improvements on bridges, stairs and planks.
  3. Numerous improvements in post-processing.
  4. The duration of the day has been lengthened and the night shortened.
  5. The length of the day depends on the season.
  6. Gates now open wider.
  7. Gates can now be placed on player’s roads.
  8. Further animal IK improvements.
  9. Quests now can be untracked (Chapters cannot be untracked).
  10. If text in options will be too long, then there will be sliding animation.
  11. Equipped or assigned items will not be taken from player in deliver quests.
  12. Sorting now sorts all items together without division to categories.
  13. Updated system for key binding, now it’s possible to change bound key for every action.
  14. Quickslots for some keyboard layouts now must be remapped manually in key bind menu.
  15. Removed odd white lines in scroll bars.
  16. Rendering optimizations.
  17. Horse animation transitions are now smoother while accelerating.
  18. Time left for objective is now not visible if objective is done.
  19. Seasons left for quest to complete is now not visible if quest is completed or failed.
  20. Default framerate set to 60.
  21. Improved snapping NPCs to interaction points.
  22. Turn in place animation speed and angles.
  23. Throwable rock damage changed to 5 instead of 10.
  24. German updated.
  25. Polish updated.
  26. Dutch updated.
  27. Swedish updated.
  28. Russian updated.