Update September 19, 2020

  1. Fields should be able to be fertilized correctly now.
  2. A notification saying that seeds can only be planted in certain seasons has been added to the Bag mode menu.
  3. Duplication of furniture in buildings is fixed.
  4. Temporarily disabled tool requirement in buildings for NPCs to allow them to work.
  5. Trap activation and deactivation animation was not playing.

Update #2

  1. Audio sliders should work again.
  2. The master volume now affects all audio.
  3. Music is now playing when it is decreased to 0% and cranked up again.
  4. NPC production levels have been increased slightly:
  5. Firewood is now produced in woodshed.
  6. Excavation shed - increased Stone, Clay, Salt production.
  7. Tavern - increased Fried/Salted Meat meals production.
  8. Hunting Lodge - increased Meat, Leather, Berries, Feathers, Mushrooms production.
  9. Woodshed - increased Wood and Sticks production.
  10. Mine - increased Iron, Stone and Salt production.