Update December 22, 2021


  1. Sounds to Falling Tree.
  2. Winter theme to main menu.


  1. Bandits attack the player’s horse or donkey instead of the player.
  2. Gate schemes don’t save to the file.
  3. Resource deposits schemes don’t save to the file.
  4. Materials do not update correctly when changing hats.
  5. Torch sound too loud.
  6. NPCs sometimes do not enter the Herbalist Hut.
  7. Input for opening details is visible when selecting the player character.
  8. Map main filter has a mismatched icon for storages.
  9. The player able to stand up again during standing up animation.
  10. The player taking out a tool when switching quick slots while sitting.
  11. The player able to open the quick slot menu while sitting.
  12. The possibility to sit with a tool when spamming left click while starting to sit.
  13. The possibility to enter the building mode when sitting.
  14. The possibility to interact with a chest and the open choice menu at the same time.
  15. The possibility to sit or mount with a tool.
  16. Timed interaction not being interrupted while opening the inventory.
  17. Skinning cow Maryla could be interrupted by pressing left click.


  1. Reduced the size of game saves.
  2. Improved the accuracy of tax calculation for buildings and fields.
  3. Numerous adjustments to the distribution of rocks and plant.
  4. Numerous improvements to various item mesh and icons.
  5. Animation of collecting from the field has been shortened for NPCs.
  6. Animation of the orchard collection has been extended for NPCs.
  7. NPCs can light a campfire in winter.
  8. If a torch breaks down, another one will be equipped (if present in inventory).
  9. Current game’s configuration button to restore default settings now sets to original default instead of player’s settings.
  10. Opening the choice menu now interrupts timed interaction.
  11. Opening the quick slot menu now interrupts timed interaction.
  12. Blending for the player and NPCs when sitting down and standing up.
  13. Korean updated.
  14. Brazilian updated.
  15. Chinese updated.
  16. Czech updated.
  17. Dutch updated.
  18. French updated.
  19. German updated.
  20. Hungarian updated.
  21. Italian updated.
  22. Japanese updated.
  23. Spanish updated.
  24. Swedish updated.
  25. Turkish updated.
  26. Ukrainian updated.