Update September 22, 2020


  1. Time for grain threshing in Barn is now running correct.
  2. The issue with the dialogue to recruit people staying even after recruiting them is now fixed.
  3. The Night Hunt quest now has the correct technology restriction.
  4. Fixed the item duplication in chests in NPC villages after loading the game.
  5. Fixed the issue with the player’s weird relationship with a child who was also the wife’s sister or brother at same time. Dialogs with your own child are in work in progress.
  6. Fixed the inability to fertilize the field after harvesting.
  7. Fields in Rolnica were not properly created, this now fixed.
  8. Fixed the Extraction Knowledge skill resetting the dialogue option, which then bugged the dialogue window.
  9. Flirting with own mother is now fixed.
  10. Placed the player’s family in their home - the home references are properly set, teleport family to player’s village.
  11. Working in your own field only will give you technology and skill points.
  12. When flirting, women will not accept marriage proposals until player owns a house.


  1. Added the possibility to change keybinds for the keyboard. Some Keys like Spacebar, L_Ctrl, Num 5 etc. are using longer texts and exceed various UIs fields, this is work in progress and will be patched. If you find any unpatched fields later, let us know.
  2. Added the option to adjust Field of View.
  3. The contents of chests from NPC buildings are now saved to a file.
  4. Improvements to item saving. Saving only changed some items, not all. It will restore all stolen items on the map once.
  5. Improvements to post process. The sky is a bit darker, contrast and saturation corrections applied as well.


  1. Tweaked the weapon/tool damage, also the condition numbers.
  2. You can find more collectable rocks near rivers, streams, and some rocky areas now.
  3. Made some changes to the contents of chests in the NPC villages.


  1. Removed the quick fix for changing keys from QWERTY to AZERTY in v0.1.0.2 - If you had set the key binds to AZERTY, those settings will be present in the new key binding system.