Update September 25, 2020


  1. New fields are no longer fertilized at the beginning. Currently, the new field needs to be cleared, fertilized, plowed, and then sown.
  2. Replaced empty water buckets on the map with usual buckets.
  3. NPCs are now dying from old age.
  4. The players wife having a new family and not recognizing the player. This issue has been fixed. The wife and children should now come back to the player. The wife’s "other family" will become homeless villagers whom you can hire. (How cruel, sob!).
  5. Fixed disappearing fields when loading the game.
  6. Fixed a notification about poison showing up when player wakes up - even if not poisoned.
  7. The "Move in" hotkey not updating on controller input is now fixed.
  8. Unbuilt buildings should no longer take damage/decay from age.
  9. Fixed the NPCs getting stuck and do nothing at home. This occurred on loading the game and when the player comes to the village.
  10. Fixed clay pits adding crafting skill instead of extraction when digging.
  11. Fixed weight updates in trading slider menu.
  12. Fixed the possibility to skin animals without knife.
  13. Fixed the animal overcrowding quest not having any objectives.
  14. Pregnant women still assigned to work do not work anymore. Maternity rights are in effect!


  1. Added information about fields in inspector mode.
  2. Added more starting dialogues for wife and heir.
  3. Added a few of them for player’s NPC statuses (e.g. Homeless).
  4. Added a popup on resolution change. The player has to accept in ten seconds, or the changes will be reverted.
  5. For the faint of heart. Blood can be toggled in the game settings now.
  6. DFAO can be toggled in graphics settings now.


  1. Decreased Dynasty Reputation points taken for killing farm animals.
  2. Increased the amount of Dynasty Reputation points awarded by Chapters.
  3. Ranged tools can now zoom a bit more, when aiming.
  4. Changed the House Renovation quest to yield items partially rather than all at once.


  1. Changed the possible FoV range to 70-110.